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Our technicians are the best ones around, and we can answer all your garage door related questions. We created this page for that very reason. Check out the FAQs below for some short and useful answers.

What does a garage door battery back up do?

Our specialists always recommend investing in a battery backup for your garage door opener - it will allow you to use your door even in the event of a power cut. You always have the option of operating your door manually, but if your area is prone to blackouts, this can become very inconvenient quickly.

Is insulation a good idea for my garage door?

The type and level of insulation you require will likely depend on your area and its type of climate as well as the material of your garage door. In general, some level of insulation is always recommended as air escape through the garage is one of the most common ways to lose energy from your house. We'll be happy to discuss the best options for you.

How often should I clean my garage door?

In general, it depends on the general cleanliness of your surroundings. If your area is highly polluted, and you can see that dirt is collecting fast, then we recommend a general cleanup on a fortnightly basis. It may also depend on the time of year. If it's especially windy or dusty, you may obviously require more in the way of maintenance and cleaning.


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